PROSPERUS combines offline and online fundraising tools. You receive answers to important questions, facilitate donor management and use our touchpoint system, which highlights each individual donor.

Touchpoint system: reacts to donor information & behavior

The touchpoint system is a unique quality of PROSPERUS. Making use of the touchpoint system makes sure that you do not miss important landmarks concerning your donors, like birthdays, dates of first donations, etc.
By activating this special fundraising tool, you can react to individual events without effort. This ensures that the commitment between the donor and your organisation is build up, which is one of the most important success benchmarks in fundraising.

Donor management becomes even easier

•    PROSPERUS makes it possible to create different user profiles with individual permissions
•    Automatic address check: As soon as an address is entered, PROSPERUS checks the data and makes sure it is correct. This insures that your mail will get delivered
•    Duplications in your database can be merged
•    Automatic booking entries for donations
•    Complete documentation of communication with the donor
•    Source information within the meaning of Data Protection Act

Are you asking yourself the following questions?

In order to optimise the use of funds, PROSPERUS helps to find the answers to these questions:


For your fundraising letters

  • What is the best timing to approach a potential new donor?
  • Are there any anomalies in the course of payments in order to find causes for success and failure?
  • Does a good donor donate noticeably less this time? Or the other way around?
  • How can I optimise the selection of donors for the next campaign?
  • What is the average donation and response time?
  • Which group of donors can I gainfully approach?
  • Which donors should I approach with a proposal to give more?


For your TV campaigns

  • Am I able to assess the responses to the spot according to different TV channels?
  • Which showing times yield the best results on which TV channel?
  • Are donations made via mobile phones or tablets more generous?
  • If the line is busy, should an automatic call back be available?
  • Am I able to recognize quickly enough which spot works best? Can I optimise that during a campaign?


For your telephone campaigns

  • Which occasions are especially suitable for a call?
  • What is the breaking point of a phone campaign?
  • Is there an early warning system in case the expectations fall short?
  • Who can successfully deliver your cause via phone?
  • Who of the donors are open for a larger regular support?
  • Is it possible to confirm the donation automatically via e-mail?
  • Is there additional control of incoming payments monitoring if donations are actually made after a pledge?


For your online-campaigns

  • How easy can you take care of online donors in an offline way?
  • Regarding to e-mailing – what kind of test make sense?
  • Am I able to make use of important data concerning my donors automatically– such as birthdays?
  • What is the recommended frequency with regard to online contact?
  • What kind of individual donation proposals increase my success rate?
  • Am I able to create individual landing pages for each donor?


PROSPERUS provides the right answers and is always updated to the newest requirements.


Daily updated evaluations facilitate important quick decisions.

Mag.a Ilse Berg, Public Fundraising at ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors