Functioning on a high level, makes rest necessary: PROSPERUS guarantees a relaxed night. The data of your most valuable commodity – your supporters – is protected by high tech security. The security of your data is important to us and that’s why we have the best IT team working on maintaining and improving security every day in this ever-changing IT world.

Dedication to security

PROSPERUS is a donor management system based on SQL server especially developed for the requirements of fundraising. As a “living system”, it is constantly developed further and improved by our dedicated IT team.

Central maintenance

This way, regular updates come automatically and you always access the most current version. You are always up-to-date!

Hosting solution

As an ASP internet application you only need a link, an activated username and a password – you do not need to install additional software on your computer. This way, you remain independent from a PC and you are able to access the donor database from every location with internet access.

Multilevel data protection concept

The data transfer between your PC and the PROSPERUS web server takes places via protected SSL connection: just like online banking – the donor core data are sent via the internet only in encrypted form. Moreover, all data sets are stored at three separate sites.

Any number of users possible

PROSPERUS enables you to create any number of users and user groups which are provided with individual authorities. In other words: you decide who may read your data or who is allowed to process them.

International: payment & languages

PROSPERUS is designed for millions of data sets in various languages and offers several European bank formats. Currently, we manage donors with all detailed information in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary.


Here, you are not reduced to a number when you have a request. The team behind PROSPERUS stays with it – no matter what you need!

Dr. Rainer Riedl, Chairman and Founder of debra Austria – Schmetterlingskinder (crystal skin children)