PROSPERUS makes the sometimes complex working-days of a fundraiser easier, by providing optimized evaluations and analytical tools. With these applications your success can be optimized – down to singular persons, campaigns or regular donations.

The most important operating figures at a glance

Operating figures give you an overview about the most important facts: How many addresses or donations do you administer? How many new donors do you have acquired – out of those: How many are regular donors? What is the cost-value ratio? How many donors donate on a regular basis? This and more – even compared to data of the last years.

Analysis of donor behavior – individual for each and every donor

PROSPERUS gives you the chance to immediately spot donors who contribute generously and lets you react on the spot. This targeted major donor analysis is an important and useful part of the unique evaluations PROSPERUS provides. But it is only a small part. For every single one of your supporters you receive daily operating figures. This lets you gather information with a few clicks: Is it someone who donates regularly? When was the donor’s last donation? How generous was the donation? PROSPERUS can even calculate the probable next donation of a person. Use these potentials and the years of experience behind these proven and tested tools. Grafik2

All actions and contracts: analyse, understand and regulate

Of course you will receive evaluations and operating figures for each and every action. Furthermore, you will obtain information about individual lists, which you might use in a test-run. Or general benchmarks, which make you see the progress of your work. Or by fundraising tool: For example when you can decide how long a phone-marketing action will last. Or:

  • What is the cost-value ratio of a single fundraising action?
  • How much progress have I made in my campaign planning?
  • How do donors react after their first donation?
  • What’s the status of direct debits, regular supporters, sponsorships, members?

The operating figures PROSPERUS is providing help you to make the right decision at the right time. Here you can see an example of a trend-evaluation: all the donations in reaction to a specific mailing action – over the course of months. This helps you if follow-up actions have to be planned fast. The trend-evaluations gives results, which are necessary for the planning of future campaigns. This helps you to optimize the communication with your donors.



Geomapping for your campaigns

(available in Austria)
If you want to see which donors react to specific actions, simply use the geomapping tool. This unique evaluation method gives you a good geographical overview.



(available in Austria)
PROSPERUS delivers automatic evaluations for the Austrian Donation-Index and therefore, delivers an important part of the data. The Donation-Index aggregates all values of the partaking organisations. It relates to the sum of all campaign donations in one month and therefore, gives a good and daily insight into the developments in the market for charitable contributions. If you use PROSPERUS in Austria, you will receive a monthly link to the newest values of the Donation-Index and you individual index-curve.


Click here to see the interactive Donation-Index with general numbers. More information concerning the index you can learn from DIRECT MIND.

Trends and Fundraising benchmarks

(available in Austria)
If you want to know more details – PROSPERUS enables you to receive figures concerning the standing of your donations and response rate in comparison to your competitors. Thus, you have the chance to check against your average donations and response rates with the general trend on market and use the best of already existing potentials. Organisations, which are located in Austria and use PROSPERUS, have the chance to get this additional service delivered in useful graphics every three months. Due to many years of experience which are behind this database, information becomes visible which is not noticeable anywhere else. For instance: To analyse your success in a bigger city you can use the District Analysis. This analysis offers you the possibility to observe where your most generous donors live – over a period of the last ten years. As darker the map is, as more generous the district is. Such periods are of course no standard evaluations.


District Graphic

Source: Direct Mind Grafik3

What our clients think

“Trend evaluations, statistics, Donation-Index, trend radar. There are so many benchmarks, which are very helpful and unique.”

Katharina Jungwirth, Head of Public Fundraising WWF Austria